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Gear Service

Bring your gear up to spec with our professional services and maintenance! 
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Please note that all prices listed are starting prices and are subject to change based on the exact type of service and parts necessary. Please call for a better idea on what the actual service cost may be.
Service   Description   Price
Regulator System   – Regulator Overhaul per Stage
– Inspect and Adjust
– Integrated Inflators
– Spare Air Service
  $50.00 *
$35.00 *
$35.00 *
$80.00 *
Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD)   – Low Pressure Inflator
– BCD Pressure Test
  $20.00 *
$25.00 *
Valves   – Valve Overhaul
– Twin Manifold
– Oxygen Cleaning
  $25.00 *
$40.00 *
$35.00 *
Cylinders**   – Visual Inspection
– Hydrostatic Test
– Tumble Cleansing
– Oxygen Cleansing
  $25.00 *
$55.00 *
$35.00 *
$50.00 *
Air Fills   – Air Cards (10 Fills)
– Scuba Cylinders
– Nitrox 32%
additional % varies
– Nitrox 32% Fill Card
  $60.00 *
$8.00 *
$20.00 *

$150.00 *
Express Service   – Service completed within 24hrs.   Varies *

* Cannery Row Aquatics offers FREE diagnostics on your scuba equipment. So before the season starts or you leave on vacation bring your equipment in. Contact us for a quote on service and rental pricing.

** Special note on scuba tanks, Cannery Row Aquatics uses the Visual Plus Eddy Current technology to check for neck cracks in aluminum cylinders. This method enables us to detect neck cracks that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Because we have found numerous cylinders with cracks, that would not have been seen with the typical “Visual Inspection”, we now require that any tank that is submitted to us for filling carry a Visual Plus, or the equivalent, sticker. This is for your safety as well as ours.