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Guided Dive Tours

Cannery Row Aquatics offers guided dive tours for divers who want to explore all that the underwater world has to offer here in Monterey.

Call: (831) 717-4546 or email: to book.

Breakwater Tours

Get in the water and dive the Breakwater with one of our fantastic guides. Join us on one of our daily dive tours. Tours go out everyday at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 8:00 AM on weekends. Note: tour costs DO NOT include the cost of rental gear.

Single tank tour: $75 per Diver

Two tank tour: $110 per Diver

Night Dive Tours

Come Experience the amazing nightlife at Breakwater. Explore a whole new world as a new set of critters and animals come out to play in the dark.

Night dive: $100 per Diver

Advanced Dive Tours

Explore the various dive sites around the Monterey peninsula such as monastery Beach, Lovers Cove, and many others. Advanced dive tours are for a minimum of two dives.

Advanced Dive Tour:$165 per Diver

Monastery Beach

Located on Highway 1 just south of Carmel, Monastery Beach sits on the edge of the Carmel Submarine Canyon, the north end of the beach provides access to deep water close to shore. It hosts one of the most pristine kelp forests in the region, which is home to a large school of Blue Rockfish. Interesting jellyfish and ocean sunfish (Mola Mola) are sometimes found suspended over the boulder field to the south of the kelp forest. This is an advanced dive with a potentially treacherous beach entry/exit, it should be done with someone who is experienced with the area and only on calm days.

Lovers Cove

Lover’s Point is a fun site with easy parking and beach access via a set of stairs. It is generally protected from the swell and offers a wide range of topography to explore. There is a large bed of eel grass that houses many nudibranchs, an area of sandy bottom that you can often spot bat rays. As well as many rocky pinnacles to explore.

Advanced dive tours are also available at many other dive sites around the peninsula, check out our Dive Site Map to see some of the other dive locations here in Monterey.

Private Dive Tours

Private dive tours are available for you and up to three of your friends to have a dive tour set up for you and around your schedule.

Single Tank private tour: $100 per Diver

Two Tank private tour: $145 per Diver

Night Dive Private Tour: $125 per Diver