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Welcome to Cannery Row Aquatics!

Hi, My name is Jim and I’m the web nerd writing this site. I don’t actually live in Monterey, I’m from Oregon in the good ole Pacific Northwest. A long time ago, I met the new owners of CRA, and certified them for multiple classes through the PADI ranks, and eventually ushered them through divemaster and beyond- and I just want you to know, you’ve gained two amazing guys who have a passion for diving like no other.

They dive every dive with skill and joy, and that passion for diving with skill, safety and fun spreads to those around them every time. They want to see people around them love the sport, and they give all they’ve got to make happy, safe divers. If you have them or their crew take you out on a tour, you’re going to be glad you did. If you take a class, buy a mask, or just come chat it up in the shop, you’re going to feel like part of the California dive family!

I know I’m not anyone to you, my random unknown-to-eachother reader, but as just one more voice on the pile, I’m telling you that the guys are CRA are going to make you glad you are a part of this sport. Come meet them for yourselves, and you’ll be glad you did!